We provide high-resolution satellite imagery, geospatial data, and GIS services to private and public clients in Canada and around the world.

Our services also include rapid data processing and delivery, training and technology transfer, and project management.

Our History

Pacific Geomatics Limited (PacGeo) has been a privately owned Canadian corporation in business since 1994. Since our inception we’ve been at the forefront of satellite-based Earth Observation, working with the majority of commercially available optical and radar satellites to deliver data, information products, and custom services to clients worldwide.

National Master Standing Offer

In 2010, Pacific Geomatics was awarded National Master Standing Offers EQOSQ-08002/001 and EQOSQ-002/002) to supply GeoEye’s high resolution data to the Government of Canada. Since 2014, Pacific Geomatics has been the exclusive supplier of Maxar (formerly DigitalGlobe) satellite imagery and satellite derived products to Canada’s Defence, Intelligrence, and Security sectors under NMSO E60SQ-12001/003/SS.


At PacGeo, our prime focus is to understand the dynamic and complex work environment of each client. This enables us to build and deliver the solutions that are best suited to their specific industry and project conditions.

Products & services tailored to your needs

Customized solutions for your project, including high-resolution satellite imagery, geospatial data, GIS services, expert-led training, project management, and more.

Deep expertise in a range of industries

Leverage our long-standing experience across an array of sectors, including military, mining, forestry, agriculture, environmental, and oil & gas.

Powerful satellites for high-resolution imagery

Tap into the power of the most advanced commercially available satellites, including WorldView-3, Pléiades, RapidEye, and more.