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A leading satellite imagery provider

The options for satellite imagery are endless. At PacGeo, we guide you to the right ones for your project so you can gain clarity about the critical decisions in front of you and keep moving forward.


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About Pacgeo


Pacific Geomatics Limited (PacGeo) has been a privately owned Canadian corporation in business since 1994. Since our inception we’ve been at the forefront of satellite-based Earth Observation, working with the most advanced of commercially available optical and radar satellites to deliver data, information products, and custom services to clients worldwide.

National Master Standing Offer

In 2010, Pacific Geomatics was awarded National Master Standing Offers EQOSQ-08002/001 and EQOSQ-002/002 to supply GeoEye’s high-resolution data to the Government of Canada. Since 2014, Pacific Geomatics has been a leading supplier of Maxar (formerly DigitalGlobe) satellite imagery and satellite-derived products to Canada’s Defence, Intelligence, and Security sectors under NMSO E60SQ-12001/003/SS and E60PI-22SATL /010/PI. Since 2021, PacGeo has been the leading supplier of Capella Space high-resolution 50cm SAR imagery to DND and other Government departments under E60PI-22SATL/005/PI.

Make confident decisions based on the right data.

At Pacific Geomatics, we know how critical it is to be confident you have the best satellite imagery for your project. In order to have that assurance, you need to find the right sources of imagery for the decisions you need to make. The problem is, the options for satellite imagery are endless, which makes it hard to feel sure you’ve found the right ones for your project. We believe you shouldn’t have to be an expert to find what you need. We know how challenging it can be to sort through the options. That’s why Pacific Geomatics delivers far more than imagery. We provide the expert guidance and steadfast service your project deserves. We’ve been guiding clients to the right solutions for their projects since 1994, and we only work with the most advanced satellite imagery vendors in the world. Pacific Geomatics serves a wide range of industries and is a trusted provider of high-resolution satellite imagery for the Canadian government and its defense, intelligence, and security sectors.

Dedicated to make the process easy for you.

All you have to do is tell us the problem. We find the answers from a vendor-agnostic perspective and present you with clear, simple solutions.

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Step 1

1. Tell us the Problem

Explain the situation to us on your terms. We’ll translate it into the world of Satellite Imagery.

step 2

2. Review Your Options

Be presented with a simple choice of the top 2-3 imagery solutions for your project.

Step 3

3. Make Confident Decisions

Know you have the right data in hand to make the critical decisions that keep your project moving forward.

Avoid receiving images that leave you with more questions than they do answers.

At every step, we promise to put your needs first and earn your trust as a long-term partner and guide for satellite imagery.

So, schedule a consultation with our experts. 

You can avoid receiving images that leave you with more questions than they do answers. Instead, find the high-quality images you need to gain clarity about critical decisions and keep your project moving forward.