Pacific Geomatics is a Satellite Imagery Provider.

Find the Right Source of Satellite Imagery

Get up-to-date and historical images from the most advanced satellites in space.

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Data from only the most advanced satellites

Receive vendor-agnostic guidance

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Make confident decisions based off the right data

The options for satellite imagery are endless.

We know how challenging it can be to sort through the options. That’s why Pacific Geomatics delivers far more than imagery. We provide the expert guidance and steadfast service your project deserves.

Unparalleled Expertise


As a high-resolution satellite imagery provider, we have been guiding clients to the right solutions for their projects since 1994.

Access to the Best Vendors.

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We only work with the most advanced satellite imagery vendors in the world.

Access to the Best Vendors
An Easy Process

An Easy Process for Accessing Fresh and Historical Satellite Images.

You tell us the problem. We present clear solutions for the most up-to-date and historical images from the most advanced satellites in space.

More Details.
Greater Clarity.

Using the newest generation of Earth observation satellites, you can see your projects in more detail than ever before.

Here’s how we guide you to the right source of data for your project.

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1. Tell us the Problem

Explain the situation to us on your terms. We’ll translate it into the world of Satellite Imagery.

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2. Review Your Options

Be presented with a simple choice of the top 2-3 imagery solutions for your project.

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3. Make Confident Decisions

Know you have the right data in hand to make the critical decisions that keep your project moving forward.

When we need high-resolution satellite imagery, we trust Pacgeo for their quality imagery and reliable turnaround times. ​

David Bluestone

Vice President of Exploration, Bluestone Resources

Ordering high-res satellite imagery through a partner agency order desk was always painful and fraught with multiple issues. Dealing directly with Pacgeo allows me to bypass the aforementioned issues, while getting quick and reliable access to the data I need.

Government Employee

Government of Canada